Bring your family to this fun Treasure Hunt

Come on down to this fun family oriented treasure hunt. Perfect for families with kids from 7 years to young teens. Children under 6 play for free with any paying adult.

Entertain and engage with your kids in this fun treasure hunt designed with families in mind.

Unlimited Fun

Do you remember the first time you experienced a treasure hunt as a child?

The pure joy of finding each clue and knowing there was one more to solve. Our family fun treasure hunt is designed for kids with parents that remember the good old days.

With slightly easier clues, shorter distances to cover and slightly quick finish time, this is perfect for pre teens to have a bit of fun with the family.

Who is this for?

Kids between 6-12 years old will enjoy this most.

Families with younger children are welcome to enjoy the fun.

People who enjoy slightly easier clues.

Event Details

Jambar Treasure Hunt

Date : 15 Dec 2018

Start anytime between: 01:00PM To 3:30PM

Latest start time 3:30pm. Event Finish Time 6pm

Location : Clarke Quay, Singapore.

Meet point close to the main taxi stand.

How does it work?

1. Pick a treasure hunt (Crazy Christmas, Advanced Adventurers, Family Fun) & Purchase your tickets

2. After the payment, you'll get 2 emails. A confirmation of purchase receipt and an email with more specific event information.

3. Arrive anytime between 01:00PM to 03:30PM and show us the email you received.

4. That's it. You are set for the treasure hunt.


"The treasure hunt was very interesting and brain tickling. The number code solving was my favourite part. The game was very well designed and helped understand different strengths of different people."

"The event was well-prepared, well-managed and well-executed. The fact that an independent party was the one who conducted the activities made sure that everyone participated without feeling forced to, and that makes it more fun for everyone. Thank you Jambar!"

"Very interesting way to include everyone. Great experience leading to cutting off the stress and enjoy as kids. Back to childhood feeling was awesome."

"Overall I had a good experience in the treasure hunt. We need to work as a team in order to complete our tasks and objectives."

"It's good to know there's a team like this in Singapore. There may be many like this but for me, first experience with this kind of activity with Jambar team was excellent."


1. How long is the event?

It's around 60 min to 90 min long

2. What should i bring for the event?

The email you received from us to get you entry into the event, a water bottle to stay hydrated during the event and lots of energy to run around finding clues

3. I have some medical concerns. What should i do?

The event will take place from afternoon till evening outdoors mainly in the sheltered area of Clarke Quay. Please make sure you are physical prepared for being outdoors for the duration of the event. If you have any medical concerns, we recommend you consult a doctor.

4. Can i participate alone?

Treasure hunters go in teams of 2-4 people. Tag along a buddy of yours, it'll be fun.

5. What if i want to purchase an extra ticket?

Tickets can only be bought in teams of 2 and 4. For example, if you have only three people in your team, you still need to buy tickets for 4 people.

6. How tough if the family fun event?

The family fun event is a treasure hunt aimed at children from 7 through to early teens. The challenges and clues are easier than the other treasure hunts and the distance travelled is less

7. How much running around is there?

The running is up to you. All the hunts can be completed by walking from area to area. Faster teams may choose to run

8. Whats the activity area?

The activity area is mainly around Clarke Quay, so everything is within walking distance. There is NO need to take the MRT or taxi anywhere.